Workforce Management

Accurate trend identification to optimize agents schedules to provide cost savings to your business.

Workforce Management is an intricate task for all contact center operations, but its accuracy is vital to forecasting operational resources. At Nearsol, we call this department the “Command Center” because their reports are filtered to all departments in the contact center to make their pertinent schedules. Human Resources uses it to trigger agent onboarding, operations managers use it for agent scheduling, trainers to properly schedule classes, and supervisors to understand the appropriate time to schedule coaching sessions, this arguably makes Workforce Management the most critical department of the contact center, the reports if done incorrectly could cause understaffing or overstaffing of your contact center.

The workforce management’s goal is to optimize your operational resources to meet your customers’ needs with minimal hold times while reducing your operational costs. The Command Center uses IEX to determine the overall FTE headcount required by each line of business and schedules the appropriate headcount for every site, down to every half-hour. They look at your contact center as a whole and consider all upcoming trainings, team meetings, vacations, sick days, and unplanned time to determine the optimal overall coverage.

For this process to work effectively, all operational information must be centralized and filtered through the Command Center. Centralization is even more important when you have multiple contact center locations, having one Command Center that manages all centers improves the efficiency of your operations. Some suggestions you can expect from a Command Center are cross-training of agents, requesting overtime ahead of time, and offering voluntary time-off to agents.

When workforce management is handled internally, it makes it more difficult to cut unnecessary resources because this would translate into a reduction of their billable hours. Nearsol’s experts with more than forty-nine years of combined experience utilizing their skills were able to increase forecasting service accuracy levels from 50% to 90%, saving our client millions of dollars. This is a testament to our success in Workforce Management.

“Outsourcing your Workforce Management provides cost savings to your operation, while still ensuring all your customer needs are met”.

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In order for workforce management to be successful, the must have the ability to look into your operations as a whole.

WFM Strategy and Development.

Staffing and Call Routing Management.

Forecasting and Scheduling.

Tool Selection and Implementation.

Choreographing the Contact Center Day.

Real-time Asset Management and Critical Employee Communication.

Feedback Loop and Reporting.


Outsource your Workforce Management to accurately forecast and schedule your operation from an unbiased point of view.

Cost Savings.

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Experts in the Field.

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Accurate Forecasting.

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