Work At Home 

Eliminate all possibilities of downtime and scale your business within hours during the seasonal surges while reducing overhead costs.

The contact center industry as we know it is evolving in front of our eyes. Companies are looking for ways to service their customers as quickly and effectively as possible. What if we told you there was a way to serve your customers’ needs fast, effectively, and cost-efficiently? Nearsol has discovered that Work-At-Home agents are the new age of contact center solutions. Work-At-Home agents broaden your recruitment pool when it comes to hiring the best talent, due to not being restrained to a physical location they have to report to. With enhanced call routing technology, and internet access we have been able to create an environment where a remote agent is a feasible solution for your business. Currently, about one-fourth of the call center industry is labeled as a “Work-At-Home” agent. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this number is to increase by 11+% by 2022.

The Work-At-Home agents perform many of the same tasks as their office-based counterparts such as customer support, online retail support, soft collections, and technical support. Virtual training and monitoring have ensured Work-At-Home agents get proper training while still ensuring your ability to monitor and coach when necessary. This provides contact center an on-demand solution; when you need to scale-up due to seasonal demands you can do so in hours compared to weeks.

Work-At-Home is the future of this industry, not only does it reduce infrastructure costs but it increases employee retention due to the flexibility of their job. This also provides a true BCP plan for your business, enabling employees to help with your customers’ needs from the security of their own home.

Nearsol - Work At Home


With our global footprint and focus on the Customer Experience and our employees, we provide significant value to customers in many ways.

True BCP
Widens talent pool to hire best talent
Grow without Huge CAPEX investment


With our ability to provide a remote platform, we are on the front end of evolving industry.


Cost Savings


Reduced Hold Times

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