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The benefits of working remotely can no longer be ignored.

The contact center industry as we know it is evolving in front of our eyes. Companies are looking for ways to service their customers as quickly and effectively as possible. A remote workforce or a Work-At-Home arrangement allows for business continuity whether it is a disaster, technical difficulties, or a worldwide pandemic, a Work-At-Home policy safeguards continuous operations.

Work-At-Home is no longer classified as a privilege. We used to think of it as a benefit given to those who deserved work-life balance, but now its become standard for at least half of companies worldwide, and we expect this percentage to grow long after the world-wide events.

From the employee’s perspective, the benefits are many, no time-consuming commutes, more time flexibility and rarely have to miss a day of work. Companies, on the other hand, see cost savings. A remote workforce can mean lower overhead and real estate costs since you probably don’t need a huge office, it also broadens your recruitment pool when it comes to hiring the best talent, due to not being restrained to a physical location they have to report to. With enhanced call routing technology, and internet access we have been able to create an environment where a remote agent is a feasible solution for your business.