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Why Colombia?

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Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are an important part of Colombia’s service sectore and link the country with International markets and investments in unique way.


Call Centers and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies are useful tools for national and international firms that want to enhance their customer service provision. Colombia’s perfect location and skilled workforce result in a strategic source of these services at a high level of quality and, hence, this sector has grown significantly in recent years

Why Colombia

Colombia earns top spot in Offshore BPO Confidence Index


Colombia’s highest-performing categories are government support and BPO industry cohesiveness. Respondents also highly rate the country’s infrastructure, scalability of talent, public sector trustworthiness,  recruitment and staffing, and economic stability. Political stability and real estate stock are Colombia’s main weak points, but the country is still ranked in the top six for every category.


Cognitive Copy and Ryan Strategic Advisory recently realized the 2021 Offshore BPO Confidence Index. Download this research of the 12top offshore & nearshore destinations! The leading outsourcing destination, Colombia has experienced a dramatic rise to prominence in the last decade.


Each location was assessed across 11 different aspects that impact the delivery of third-party services, including political stability, economic stability, human resource availability, government support for the BPO sector, infrastructure quality, commercial real estate, public safety, public sector transparency, BPO sector cohesiveness, language/education quality and scalability.


Download this report to learn about how each of the 12 locations.


Please contact Matt Keyndall from Cognitive Copy or Peter Ryan from Ryan Strategic Advisory for more information.



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Consulting Firms

Consultancy firms estimate that to establish one of these companies in Colombia is about 30-40% cheaper than in Europe or the US.

Skilled Labor Force

Skilled labor force in this sector, and it is common for people to speak more than one language.

More businesses

More businesses worldwide look to reduce costs by outsourcing, and Colombia seems a great destination.

Colombia has exported experience and great regional positioning.

In 2020 it registered exports of 1,200 million dollars and managed to generate 20,000 new jobs.

Industries Served



Media & Entertainment




Backoffice Services Include:

IT Support


Human Resources




Have in mind:

Colombia is the fourth largest BPO market in LATAM after Brazil, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The industry in Colombia has market size nearly to US$23,000 million and has presented an annual average growth of 19% in the last 7 years. 

Bogotá city hosts the largest number of call centers (49.3%), with the rest spread out among mid-size cities such as Medellín, Cali, Manizales, or Barranquilla.

Bogota stands out as the country’s main education cluster, with more than 55% of graduates in careers of interest. 

Large Bilingual Population

Large Bilingual Population

Competitive Labor Costs

Competitive Labor Cost

Strategic Location

Strategic Location

Strategic Location

Neutral Spanish Accent

Work from home (WFH)) and on-premise call center agents.

Work From Home (WFH) And On-Premise Call Center Agents.

Presecence of Top global service providers

Presence of Top Global Service Providers.

Excellent infrastructure, technology, utilities and telephony

Excellent Infrastructure, Technology, Utilities, and Telephony.

Word of mouth

Hospitality runs through the Colombian veins!”


Warmth is the power Colombians have to make you feel right at home, even if you’re half a world away from it.