The Call Center Solution of the “Now”

Are remote agents a feasible solution to fulfill your contact center needs?

Imagine a Work-At-Home environment where agents perform many of the same tasks as their office-based counterparts providing customer support, online retail support, soft collections, and technical support without the brick-and-mortar expense.

Nearsol can make this possible for you thanks to our ability to route calls anywhere in the world with adequate internet access. Currently, about one-fourth of the call center industry’s agents are Work-At-Home (WAH) agents, most of which are located onshore. However, we can tap into not only onshore, but the offshore and nearshore markets to fulfill your WAH needs.

Have you considered the benefits your business would receive by implementing a WAH platform?

  • Reduction in infrastructure costs
  • Reduce CAPEX expenditures
  • Increase retention of the employees by one-third (Harvard Business Review) 
  • Access to an entirely different employment pool, widening the reach to hire the best talent
  • A true BCP solution

Nearsol’s recruiting and hiring network is set-up to quickly deliver a WAH solution to fit your short or long term needs. Our cloud-based platform allows us to provide comprehensive training, continuous supervisor oversight, and coach with whisper and barge-in capabilities, all from a virtual platform.

A Work-At-Home environment will enable you to have a farther reach when hiring agents to obtain more adequate talent while lowering your infrastructure cost. Nearsol wants to help your organization understand the evolving market and provide the solutions to your organization to better service your customers.

WAH benefits can no longer be ignored, let us be your strategic partner to implement this solution. Reach out to us to have our professionals explain how we can enhance your customer experience starting today.