Seat Leasing

Turn-key facilities available at a moments notice giving you the option to grow as needed while providing top tier equipment and the latest technology for an exceptional experience in a fully-fledged productive environment.

Seat Leasing eliminates costly capital investment of building and operating a new site with all required equipment and furniture, security and maintenance  personnel. Our “Plug-&-Play” workstations that can be slightly modified to the design and configuration to ensure your business’ compliance and functionality.

Seat Leasing is an effective way for you to remain in control of your operation and your working capital.  Whether your needs are long-term seat leasing, Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Disaster Recovery (DR), you can benefit from the widely accessible solutions we offer.

The Nearsol Seat Leasing Advantages

From small to medium-sized to large enterprises, we can make it happen.

Competitive rates and high quality.

Start operating with no upfront capital enabling you to use working capital toward resources to increase revenue.

Investment reductions of up to 70% of the capital needed for building up a new site.

Efficiently designed workstations equipped with superior technology.

IT Support team available to you 24/7.

On-site security and facilities personnel to ensure safety and a clean work environment.

Strategic prime locations chosen with clients and associates in mind  to ensure easy access to transportation, financial institutions and entertainment.

Additional rooms conveniently accessible to support maximum productivity and entertainment such as conference room, cafeteria, game lounge, KTV Room, sleeping quarters all complying with local requirements.

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The Nearsol Way

Seat Lease
Business Continuity Plan
Seat Lease

Our fully functional workstations are all designed to provide a hassle-free working environment for your business. Our sites allow for scalability of your needs, only pay for what you need, and add more when necessary. NEARSOL will handle the facility and maintenance personnel needed for your site.

Our workstation lease package includes:

  • PC/Laptop
  • Agent desk and office chair
  • Locker for each employee
  • Plug and play certified structured cabling
  • Standard internet connection
  • Electricity and Air conditioning
  • IT support
  • Fiber optic lines
  • Data Center Space & Equipment
  • Multiple Internet Service Providers
  • Redundant internet connection with multiple gateways
  • Backup power is provided by the building in case of a power outage
  • 24/7 Security guard with key card access
  • Training space
  • Access Control System
  • Conference room
  • Cafeteria and common areas usage

We have options in different GEO’s

  • Seat leasing Philippines
  • Seat leasing Guatemala
  • Seat leasing Colombia

Among others.


Nearsol will meet your short-term needs based on your unique timeframe and “incubate” your operation while your permanent solution is being built. Whether this means re-badging our employees in the current location, or migrating the staff to a new location while it is being structurally completed.

Business Continuity Plan

Downtime can strike at any moment, we are prepared for you with readily available facilities to meet your disaster recovery/ business continuity needs. Preparation proves reliability in this industry and we will meet those needs based on short or long term outlooks. Most companies do not have a solid DR/BCP plan in place. Nearsol has extensive experience in providing multifaceted solutions for your needs. Whether a tornado, hurricane, tropical storm, major winter storm, or earthquake, we can provide a great solution to meet your DR/BCP needs. We have multiple locations globally that can be reserved to be your “backup redundant site” in the event your main site goes down or we have multiple locations in the same country allowing you to reserve space in another “grid” in the city where your staff can be shuttled to maintain your operations while you get your main site back online. BCP and DR plans look different for each business but they all accomplish one goal: reduce downtime when an unforeseen event occurs. Nearsol’s team is committed to helping your operation integrate this for a seamless migration.

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