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‘Always Customer Service’ is our drive. We ensure that every interaction we have with our clients’ customer embodies this motto, providing a world class customer experience to increase brand loyalty, revenue, efficiency gains, and cost savings benefits to our clients.

We understand each client has unique requirements for their contact center which is why we created customized solutions tailored to suit every need. Each program we manage is designed to meet specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and service level standards. We provide the right human talent, our agents are hand selected based on your operational needs and business culture, and use a wide range of omnichannel solutions to deliver accurate information and show genuine care for your clients. Our focus is on maintaining a pleasant work environment for our associates in order to reduce attrition, while having dedicated resources in each of the countries and communities we operate in to comply with labor and legal regulations.

“Understanding each customer has unique requirements and KPIs that need to be met, Nearsol customizes a plan to ensure every aspect of their Contact Center obligations are fulfilled.”

Call center agent front view


With our global footprint and focus on the Customer Experience and our employees, we provide significant value to customers in many ways.


Addressing all challenges as they arise with the goal to improve our processes to remove all hurdles in our way.


We are experts in handling changes especially during the peak times optimizing resources for your benefit.


Through dedicated team members supporting each client program focused on the Customer Experience and First Call Resolution, we deliver increased customer and brand loyalty.

Contact Center Solutions

Customer Care & Support
Back Office
Workforce Management (WFM)
Quality Assurance Management (QAM)
Customer Care & Support
  • Customer Service
  • Collections/Securing Past Due Payments
  • White Glove Concierge Services
  • Sales
  • Lead Generation
  • Problem Solving & Tech Support
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty Management
  • Data Verification Services
Back Office

We can help your business streamline your back office operations to sync with your front office, while saving you time and money on the mundane task such as:

  • Fraud Prevention & Management
  • Case Management
  • Order Management
  • Billing
  • Chargebacks
  • Coding
  • Claims Processing
  • Other BPO Functions
Workforce Management (WFM)
  • Control Center processes are utilized to develop agent schedules to meet forecasted call volume and a control process will be utilized to ensure agent adherence to the schedule in each site.
  • Trend identified to optimize agent schedules to meet call demand.
  • Adjustments to the forecasted call routing are made real time depending on site absenteeism and offline activities.
  • Command Center uses IEX to determine the overall FTE count required by contact type and marches site headcount.
  • All sites have a detailed plan for half-hour call allocation forecasted.
Quality Assurance Management (QAM)
  • Supervise and measure customer service satisfaction and agent performance to improve service quality
  • Ensure customer service provided aligns with company’s values in regards to proper policies and procedures in place
  • Ensure efficiency throughout the calls, following the parameters established (AHT, ASA, ACW, FCR)
  • Maintaining call quality standards, customer service experience will improve through more efficient call handling
  • Improve operation performance as areas of opportunity are establish
  • Efficiency goes up and reinforces customer retention

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